Everything is Management’s Fault!

by 24 Jun 2017

Consider the premise that everything is management’s fault. Unfair you might say – how can you be responsible for everything that that your business does? Maybe you weren’t given some key information or someone didn’t do what they were asked, or someone simply made an error which had significant consequences. In these and more or less any other situation it’s arguably management’s fault because (for example) you didn’t make it clear what information you wanted and when. Or you put the wrong person in the wrong job. Or you did not train the person adequately to do the job. Or you did not deal with a situation early enough. Or other reasons.

My tip is that when faults occur, take a bit of time to reflect on the reasons that it’s actually management’s fault. Doing this may be one of the best ways of identifying some corrective action which will help you prevent the issue(s) from reoccurring.

The positive news is that – on the flip side – if things are going well then that’s also management’s fault!

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