Meet the Members

The unique and arguably most valuable aspect of My Sherpa Leader Programmes is the Members, all of which are Chief Executives, Managing Directors and Senior Business Leaders.  The Members have many years of business experience which means that they can provide suggestions and ideas to most if not all business opportunities and issues.

Want to know know more about how My Sherpa helps our Leader Programme Members get answers to business opportunities and issues?

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Don’t just believe us – here is what some of our members say:

I’m so invested in everyone’s story, I just have to find out what happens next.
Chris Jones, MD, Ideaworks Ltd

It’s helped me build pillars of strength throughout my business.
Duncan French, MD, xoomtalk Ltd

It’s given me the confidence to know its not just me who thinks and feels the way I do.
Drew Hoggatt, Chief Technology Officer, Fireco Ltd

It’s a safe and secure environment where I can discuss anything that you can’t discuss anywhere else.
Greg Sinclair, CEO, Absolute Leisure Ltd

It’s the fresh perspective I get from the wide spectrum of the members.
Jenny Carter Vaughan, MD, Expert insurance Group

Expertise is something that you can buy but trust and honesty is something that you have to earn. My experience with MySherpa is like walking into a new family that make you feel right at home.
Michael Christian, Chief Technology Office, Claromentis Ltd

Uncomfortable and challenging, insightful and enlightening, imagine a highly experienced management board where no-one has an axe to grind and everyone pulls for everyone else.
Hale, Partner, Perrys Chartered Accountants

My Sherpa provides me with access to some amazing people with brilliant minds and a range of experience. I can discuss opportunities or challenges in confidence, knowing I will receive incredible insight, encouragement, and wisdom.
Tim Hoskins, Director, Turner & Hoskins Architects

It’s the fact as a new member I’ve been welcomed into the group with open arms. I’m here to stay.
Tony Baulch, MD, Ashdown Solutions Ltd

It has helped me share literally anything with like minded people. Invaluable to me.
Peter Squire, MD, Brigade Electronics UK Ltd

It’s the ability to get the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth from my fellow members.
Peter Sutton, MD, PMW Communications Ltd