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What’s the experience of potential customers?

How good are your staff in responding to potential customer questions and issues?  My suggestion is that you pick up a telephone, call your office and ask for a service or a product.  (Do it from outside the office and using a phone which the switchboard won't...

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Are you Bogged Down?

When running a business it can sometimes be all too easy to get bogged down and the way forward is far from clear.  In these situations get in your (metaphorical) helicopter and look down on the business from outside and above. Consider the following: Rather than...

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What’s Your Rate Determining Step?

In Chemistry, the overall rate of a reaction is often determined by the slowest step, known as the rate determining step or rate-limiting step.  If you can speed up the rate determining step – for example by using a catalyst – then the rate of the overall reaction...

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Are You Distracted By The Spider In Your Cellar?

The context for this (perhaps unusual) question was kindly provided by my wife.  She stopped by a local coffee shop and asked for a coffee and a pastry from the waitress who came to take her order.  The coffee duly arrived and my wife was informed that the pastry...

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